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Complete Set-Up


Pro-Spindle can partnership with your company to set-up a repair shop for you, providing all necessary equipment and training for spindle repair or improve your exhisting workshop.


We provide:


- All necessary equipment for spindle repair based on your current installed base;

- Training for a complete repair.


You will be able to:


- Disassemble the spindle completely;

     Necessary tools and additional equipment.

- Repair components;

- Analyse defects and damage reasons;

- Assemble and balance the spindle;

     Shaft Balancing device and training.

- Test the spindle in real working condition before installing back to the machine;

     Complete drive system with easy programming for all kinds of spindle.

- Final balancing at full speed;

     Balancing device and training.


Business Health Check


Spindle business health check consulting is also available if you want to have a deeper understanding about your product, solutions and how to increase your market share for the repairs, ideas and much more. Evaluate your staff, procedures, equipments, prepare improvements to be taken. If you need a better workflow, better documentation, you can get our consulting expertise, remember, the better you show to your customer, the more business you will get at the end of the day, It's all about presentation.


Due to Covid-19, we only can prepare components but not presential training.


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