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Why test the spindle from time to time?


If the spindle is placed in normal conditions in your warehouse for longer times (>2-3 years), the grease of the bearings will become hard and not usefull when you install the spindle into your machine. By testing the spindle, the grease will move and not dry out. The same occurs to the balls of the bearings, where they get "stressed" by standing at the same position, holding the weight of the shaft and rotor.


What is the advantage?


The grease and bearing life-time will be extended and your maintenance team can guarantee the proper working of the spindle when yoiu install it in the machine


Usefull information?


Check out other suggestions that your spindle repair shop can tell you. They can offer services around maintaining your spindle while your machine is working. Contact them for additional information or Pro-Spindle, we will do our best to give you the right suggestion and solution


What to do next?


Write us your suggestion, we will post here, refering to your website, the more you post, the more you get known and your professional skills are been read by millions!


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