Why we look for training?


in those crisis times we have the chance  to everyday, learn new technologies that are on the market, we have to keep updated and compete for a better quality of repair and services. The time is right to get trained and give training.


What is the advantage?


You will offer your staff, your customers a higher quality service and getting training is the best way of showing them that you are able to do the job in a competent way.


What to do next?


Try making instruction manuals, documents, teaching and much more, we post it here for free for you and you can profit out of it! have a look at the different trainings available. The more you post, the more you get known and your professional skills are been read by millions!



- You send us your document on our E-Mail (If you wish, we can sign an NDA to reserve the rights to you)

- We will check the content of the manual or your writtings

- If everything is OK, we will post the document online, for free

- If its a monetized document, after we sell the copy, we send you the cash

- If its a free version, we will put the document on our server for immediate download


Got interested? Contact us for details of what you have to offer and get known!!


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