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Our mission is to improve local business as well and our search for the best supplier is not done for once but as a continuous improvement for our quality and delivery schedules. Our spindle repair is focused on customer satisfaction, by providing a spindle repair nearly as new as possible. Our thoughts are that the spindle should not be repaired only by the inside, but from the outside as well.

08-2021 Pro-Spindle is a Suzhou based founded spindle repair shop with cooperation of Deuschle Spindles in Germany. We are able to repair, develop and re-design spindles for all applications in the CNC machinery. Since 2021 Pro-Spindle is offering High precision and competitive prices, which is our goal for customer satisfaction, giving all support around spindle functionalities, summarizing over 50 years of experience in the spindle business and around the world.


Website: www.spindelservice.de

01-2022 Pro-Spindle finished and moved to a new location, improving the size from 40 square meters to 150 square meters. The new location is an easy access to G2 making logistics more easy and accessible, connecting us directly to our customers.

07-2022 We are proud to announce that we are now the spindle repair in china to be accredited with ISO9001 certification. You’re the one who receive the most benefits, we are a company that honor and value our customers with the best technology in spindle repair in china.

12-2022 Our first "Open Day" was successfully held to celebrate the first anniversary of our operations. Our customers were impressed with the workshop and technical capabilities. We are excited to lead the market with our technology for many more years and customers to come. We presented our workshop and some of the spindle brands we repair, and also invited some companies that support not only spindle repair but also the CNC market. Interesting talks were held. We are looking forward to the next event!

03-2023 Pro-Spindle became a Service Partner to Sterman Technische Spannsysteme, offering our customers a wider range of technichal and maintenance support. Together with Sterman, we are able to service your spindle and clamping systems as well. Together we're creating production technology for future industrial manufacturing. We rank among the top quality and technology leaders in the special field of clamping technology and equip numerous renowned companies operating worldwide with highly precise, efficient and smart solutions for their production.


Website: www.sterman.de

10-2023 Pro-Spindle started the service partnership with Capellini srl, Italian Spinde manufacturer, repairing Capellini spindles in every detail, Elevating customers experience in China! Pro-Spindle and Capellini are together to better serve the Asian market, shortenning time and machine brake-downs.


Our competence, quality and experience together


Website: www.capellinitechnology.com



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