Spindle Repair

Customer will get access to the Pro-Spindle website and follow up every step of the repair process as well as access online all reports for download (Available for 1 month after the spindle is delivered back to cusotomer)


  -Failure analysis of bearings FFT

  -Repair all defective parts

  -Grind cones and bearing rings

  -Adjust encoder and sensors

  -Program the spindle on drive to make test run at full speed

  -Bearing test after assembly

  -Fine balancing according to G0.4 standards for high speed spindles

  -Final reports of the repair made


Our warranty is extended to one year for all repaired and exchanged parts of the spindle


FREE - Pick up and delivery* (withim 60KM from our factory) FREE - Quotation and evaluation


If you have old spindles which you are not using, damaged or not, give us an offer, we can buy them



Download HERE your shipping document to us


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