Spindle Repair

Spindles can be made mechanically or electrical. Electrical spindles are used in 90% of the machinery installed in the factories. The electrical spindles allow high speed up to >50.000 rpm and very high effiency and precision.

For the spindles be able to reach this precision, the assembly must be made in a clean and temperature controlled environment. The measuring equipment must be of a high quality brand and kept secure of humidity and dust.


Pro-Spindle workshop is responsible for the maintenance of those spindles of any brand in the market and is also able to repair and re-assemble to original state of working conditions.


We are able to realize:


  -Failure analysis of bearings FFT

  -Repair all defective parts

  -Grind cones and bearing rings

  -Adjust encoder and sensors

  -Program the spindle on drive to make test run at full speed

  -Bearing test after assembly

  -Fine balancing according to G0.4 standards for high speed spindles

  -Final reports of the repair made

  -And much more


Our warranty is extended to one year for all repaired and exchanged parts of the spindle.


If you have old spindles which you are not using, damaged or not, give us an offer, we can buy them.


Brands we repair

Spindle Hotel

Pro-Spindle offers you a Spindle Hotel, where your spare spindle stays with us, we make periodic tests to ensure the good functioning of the complete unit. Your warranty will start when we deliver the spindle to you, doesn't matter how long it stayed in our Hotel.


Our commission program helps everybody to shake their hands. Anyone can do it, no limitations.


You can get commission while we work on the spindle:

Every new customer that turns into paid repair you will get 3% of the net price paid as commission at the first time.



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